Dr. Hillel Harris sees patients, athletes, and members of the community who want to feel better and younger. He uniquely combines both a traditional medicine and lifestyle medicine approach. At Achillea Medical, he works together with his patients to create a personalized approach to health, incorporating anti-aging medicine, IV therapy, and holistic care. His patients often remark about his exceptionally caring bedside manner.


General medical care
Experienced team of board-certified physicians available for your medical needs. We address underlying medical conditions, offering up to date evidence-based treatments and management. Procedures performed on site including minor wound repair, incision and drainage, etc. We offer a concierge program for loca. community members. Telehealth is available.

Anti-aging medicine
Expert practitioners provide all your anti-aging medical services to help you feel and look your best. Enjoy vitality and lower your biological age through a combination of diet and supplements.

Lifestyle medicine
Preventative medical care using whole food nutrition, food as medicine, physical activity, and help you manage stress. In general, we promote lifestyle over medication. We help you create healthy habits.

IV infusion therapy
Our full line of IV vitamins infusions, IV saline therapy, migraine treatments; let us help you revitalize.

Men’s and women’s health
Hormone replacement, sexual health offered for both men and women. Together, we provide a tailored approach for each person. Our team of experts can check blood levels of hormones and create the best treatment plan specific for you.

Skin rejuvenation and aesthetics
Professional services for all your skin care and body care, including facial harmonization, platelet rich plasma, Botox, facial massage

Weight loss program
Our uniquely created behavioral approach helps patients keep weight off. We may incorporate prescription-only medications that support healthy weight loss, while preserving lean muscle mass.

Athletic performance
Menu planning, sports supplements, nutritional strategies, holistic sports medicine, body composition, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Athletic trainer available. We help review training protocols, specific nutritional considerations, and stress management.

Nutrition evaluation
Learn which food can help if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, and learn how food can help prevent chronic diseases. Address specific eating behaviors, understand latest dietary advice, and target your goals.

Dr. Hillel Harris continued his journey into lifestyle medicine, becoming board-certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), making him one of only a handful physicians duly boarded in both emergency medicine and lifestyle medicine. He founded and is the current chair of the lifestyle member interest group for emergency providers.