Questions for the Doctor

With Dr. Hillel Z. Harris

What type of sports medicine do you practice?

As an athlete myself, I know the importance of staying active, making smart food choices, and getting enough rest.

I perform evaluations for physical activity, and I write prescriptions for exercise following the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines.  I also provide nutrition recommendations based on the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) protocols.

What other tests do you offer, other than typical laboratory testing?

There are some exciting new tests now available, such as telomere length (to see what your functional age is), screening for obesity genes (to see if you have it), as you may be more predisposed towards accumulating fat, as well as several other new tests that are just now becoming available.

What other tests for fitness do you do?
I do body composition testing, to see the distribution of lean muscle and fat you have.  This way, we can re-test you after you start becoming healthier and measure the improvement.  I can also test everyone’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which will guide the type of nutrition specific to you.

Are all of these tests covered by insurance?

Because these tests are brand new, most are not covered.

Do you also treat injuries, as you are an ER doctor?

Although I am trained to treat and stabilize any injury, some are not appropriate for the office setting.  I can, however, treat those people who have pain, such as overuse injuries from sports. If some injuries require more specialized care, I refer them out.

Will I see you, or an assistant?

You will see me for most visits.  If I am unavailable, then one of my physician assistants may treat you under my supervision.

What else do you offer for athletes or those with pain or chronic injuries?

I have a team of Athletic Trainers, who can provide manual therapy and balance work to help you heal from most types of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

About Dr. Hillel Z. Harris:

Dr. Hillel Z. Harris, MD is the founder of MD Sports Inc, which focuses on sports performance and athletic training. He provides annual physicals, and performs laboratory testing and body composition testing. He and his team develop customized nutrition and physical activity plans for athletes and the general population interested living a healthy lifestyle. He promotes wellness, and is an innovator in the emerging field of preventative health and lifestyle medicine. He is a board-certified physician and has been a practicing medical doctor since 2004.