Questions For The Doctor

With Dr. Hillel Z. Harris

Why did you decide to go into primary care?

Most of my career has been spent working in the emergency room.  During residency, I enjoyed the various patient interactions shared in both the hospital wards and the outpatient office setting.  Having settled into a life in the emergency room, I sought the continuity of care with my patients.

Are there more similarities or differences between emergency medicine and the office practice? What is the biggest difference between ER and primary care?

It really comes down to providing exceptional patient care, which starts by being a good listener.  I treat patients the way I and my family would like to be treated. Aside from the obvious critical nature of the emergency department, there are more similarities.

Can you practice preventative medicine in the emergency department?

You can in some ways.  There are efforts in the ER to screen people for high blood pressure even if they have no symptoms at all, and we try to address other lifestyle choices, like smoking.  But it is quite limited, in that their emergency obviously takes precedence. I enjoy primary care because I can focus more on keeping people healthy, and managing chronic conditions, or even preventing them in the first place.

What kind of type of practice do you have?
I have a primary care medical practice, in a comfortable office setting in Delray Beach, FL.  I function as a primary care doctor, tasked with treating and managing the health of my patients.  I refer to specialists when appropriate. I see all types of patients, young and old. Patients come to me with complex medical histories.  I enjoy working with them to keep them healthy and manage whatever chronic conditions they may have.

What about people who get sick and need to see a doctor?

I will do my best to see you if you become sick and need to be seen.  Call the office, and depending on the day, I will do my best to see you.

Do you see children?

I do see children over 2 years of age for minor injury and illnesses, but not as a primary pediatric office practice.  In the ER, I have treated children of all ages.

About Dr. Hillel Z. Harris

Dr. Hillel Z. Harris treats patients in his office at Primary MD Care, located in Delray Beach, Florida. He provides thoughtful and intuitive primary healthcare in a comfortable, community setting. He aims to treat each patient with compassion and integrity. He utilizes the latest approaches to treating illness and managing chronic disease. He promotes an integrative approach towards wellness, using a combination of lifestyle modification and medications.