What is body composition testing?

Stop weighing yourself. Traditional scales for body weight are limited; they give you a weight, but nothing else. What you really want to know, is how much of your weight is fat, and how much is muscle.

Most people want to lose fat. If you are trying to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, most likely you would want to see the pounds of fat go down, and ideally your muscle amount increase. Only body composition machines give you this type of information.

The healthy programs at MD Lifestyle Center use the Accuniq BC 380, which not only measures fat and muscle, but gives you the detailed distribution of muscle and fat throughout your body. It is the most accurate and most trusted bio-impedance machine. In fact, article below describes its use in World Gyms in 22 countries. The device calculates the breakdown of muscle and fat in each arm and leg, and around your core. It then tells you if you have a balanced distribution. One of the most important features of these measurements is where most of your body fat is stored, because visceral fat (the fat around your abdomen and vital organs) is more dangerous metabolically.

One of the most exciting pieces of information from the Accuniq device is the ability to calculate both your biological age, and your metabolic rate. The biological age is based on your overall body type and can be greater or less than than your actual age. In fitter individuals, biological ages are typically lower, sometimes by a decade.

Metabolic rate is broken down into two numbers; your resting metabolic rate, also called your basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories it takes just to be alive and breathing, and the total energy expenditure. This is the second measurement and is the total amount of calories that are expended during the day. Based on these two measurements, you can then create an exact daily nutritional goal.

Finally, the most exciting thing about using body composition machines is reproducibility. Trending your data, from week 1 to week 12, is exciting and can keep you motivated to make the right changes. Personally, I like to try to lower my biological age. My other favorite goal is to try to rev up my metabolism, which you can do this by gaining muscle and being active. These are just some of the benefits of obtaining your body composition, and that information just cannot be obtained from traditional scales. Together with your team of health coaches and under medical supervision, the programs are MD Lifestyle Center are a great way to transform your health and measure your progress with body composition testing.

Do you want to lose weight, get fit or improve your overall health, all while keeping chronic illness away?

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Body Composition Testing SELVAS Healthcare Inc. has signed a contract with World Gym International, LLC. to supply its body composition analyzer ACCUNIQ to the World Gym Franchisees.

Under the contract, SELVAS Healthcare will supply not only ACCUNIQ BC380, but also BC360 and BC720 in sequential order to World Gym clubs in 22 countries including the US, Australia, Canada and European countries.

The Los Angeles, California-based headquarters of World Gym International introduced SELVAS Healthcare’s ACCUNIQ as its official analyzer of body composition in the “World Gym Convention” in September last year. ACCUNIQ was developed by SELVAS Healthcare to upgrade personal exercise programs.


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