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*”Dr. Harris is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Harris treat me when I needed him. The hospital where I saw him is lucky to have such a smart and fast thinking emergency doctor.” – Adena Newman

*”Dr Harris is one of the most compassionate doctors I have met. He always spend plenty of time during my visits and is never in a hurry to rush to the next patient. I highly recommend him!!!” – Brad Jaffe

*”A wonderful physician and human being! Dr. Harris is a caring and thoroughly thoughtful ER doctor who is willing to go above and beyond to help his patients like me! Thanks again doc.” – Theo Dienes

*”I was taken to the emergency room at JFK hospital in Jan 2017 unconscious with critical and very high fever. I was truly lucky that Dr Harris was the Dr to treat me. His quick smart decision to do the right diagnosis and the immediate medication saved my life. My situation was critical and my children thought I will not make it, but Dr Harris was persistent to find the right cure for me, I owe my life to Dr Harris Hillel, he is amazing Dr, professional and most importantly he was quick in understanding my critical case. I will always remember him as my savior.” – Samira Sowan

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