South Florida’s First Lifestyle Medicine Center – MD Lifestyle Center

Do you want to lose weight, get fit or improve your overall health, all while keeping chronic illness away? Are you already leading an active, healthy lifestyle, but still falling short of reaching your goals? Have you thought about making changes, but don’t know where to start?

Welcome to South Florida’s First Lifestyle Medicine Center, where the focus is on promoting healthy lifestyle changes designed to keep you healthy and prevent disease. We are an inter-disciplinary team of board-certified lifestyle medicine physicians and health and exercise coaches, all working together to help you foster good habits and achieve your goals.

We emphasize nutrition, physical activity, and stress management as the primary factors responsible for achieving true health, but the evidence shows that it’s the focus on behavior and habits that are the foundations for driving lasting change. Our team of experts will individualize your program for comprehensive health to get you on your path towards making lasting changes.

Let’s return to the time where doctors helped their patients prevent illness, by focusing their care on nutrition, the promotion of physical activity, and stress management.

Call: (561) 819-2988

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