Nutrient of the Day!
Found in the highest amounts in beans and greens!

This mineral is also found in high amounts in squash, potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, and bananas of course.

K+ is the symbol for potassium from the periodic table of elements, taken from the work Kalium, which is from the Latin “Potash”, (which does not mean potato), but is instead derived from the Arabic al-qalyau, which means plant-ashes. K+ regulates fluid balance in the body and directly helps to control blood pressure.

Consuming enough potassium is vital for maintaining proper electrical conduction of the heart and is important for counteracting the effects of too much sodium in the diet.

My favorite source of potassium: Butternut squash. It also offers a good supply of vitamin A and is high in fiber.

The recommended daily intake of potassium is 4700mg per day, but only 2% of the U.S. population consumes this amount.

Intake of only 4,000 mg daily is associated with a decreased risk of death from heart disease by 50% One study found that participants who consumed 5,200 milligrams of potassium daily maintained an average of 3.6 more pounds of muscle than those who ingested half of this amount.

Potassium deficiency can lead to fatigue, weakness, and constipation.

Those with kidney disease should be careful about overconsuming potassium, because it may not be effectively cleared from the blood and can build up to dangerous levels

1 cup of serving of each of the following and the amount of potassium listed as mg:

1 cup: (mg)
beet greens 1,300 mg
white beans 1,200
soybeans 975
lima beans 975
potato 950
avocado 700
mushrooms 550
banana 525
tomatoes 425
cantaloupe 400

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