South Florida’s First Lifestyle Wellness Program Geared for Better Health – by Dr. Hillel Harris and MD SPORTS, INC.

Firstly, this is an individualized program geared towards those who want to take control of their health. You will take part in a complete preventative health program laid out for you by Dr. Harris. The program is based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine, which focuses on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, proper rest, social engagement, and avoidance of harmful substances. By incorporating these principles of a healthy foundation, you will be taking an active step against the development of obesity and obesity-related illnesses…

Lifestyle Wellness Program


Physical Activity: A Key Lifestyle Behavior for Prevention of Weight Gain and Obesity

One area that was included in the guidelines report is the influence of physical activity on weight gain prevention and prevention of obesity. This is an extremely important consideration given the high prevalence rates of overweight and obesity in the United States. Thus, efforts to minimize or prevent weight gain are of public health importance to curtail the increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity.



Active Voice: Lifelong Physical Activity and Cognitive Function in Midlife – A Link Beginning in Childhood

With the aging of the population, the prevalence of cognitive deficits is increasing worldwide. This highlights the need for prompt and effective primordial prevention, i.e., lifestyle and behavioral factors that precede cognitive deficits. Lifestyle risk factors linked to cognitive decline (e.g., physical inactivity, smoking, poor diet) have become strikingly common and lead to simultaneously negative health consequences, such as decreased individual quality of life and increased public health care costs…



Can We Live Longer but Stay Younger?

Aging, like bankruptcy in Hemingway’s description, happens two ways, slowly and then all at once. The slow way is the familiar one: decades pass with little sense of internal change, middle age arrives with only a slight slowing down—a name lost, a lumbar ache, a sprinkling of white hairs and eye wrinkles…



FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Monday – Friday Fitness Routine (vlog)

My Full Week of Workouts (VLOG) | Abs, Booty, Running, Yoga, Strength Training | MONDAY – FRIDAY WORKOUTS


Test Your Body Composition – Nutrition Calculators – Blood Testing – Exercises

If you want to run faster, bike longer or see some of that hard-earned muscle show through, you need to understand body composition. Learning about your body composition is key to your optimal performance and appearance because it can help you strategize an exercise plan in terms of your need to lose fat, build muscle or both…



How We Used Exercise As A Tool For Addiction Recovery

Exercise has been a tool that both Greg & Matt have used extensively in their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s something that can really turn around a recovery or even help in any type of struggle or stressful time in life because of the effect that it has on your brain.

We highly recommend that you consider exercise an option whether you are in recovery or not. It’s something that can help people overcome any sort of struggle they may be going through, but we found that it specifically worked well to aid our drug and alcohol addictions…


Rising to the Challenge of Recovery

Rock-walking is a rich and powerful experiential activity that challenges both the body and mind. The men are divided into teams and each man takes his turn dropping to the bottom of the pool to pick up a 40 lb weight and carry it as many steps as he can towards the back wall. When he can go no further he returns to the surface and one of his teammates takes a turn…



How Exercise Can Help You Age Well

The evidence is in. Even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can reduce your risk of age-related disease and keep you looking youthful…

Want to look and feel your best well into your 40, 50s, 60s and beyond? Forget about spending money on the latest anti-aging creams and lotions. Instead, invest your time and energy in an exercise plan.

“If you’re involved in regular physical activity, you are doing some really amazing things for your body,” says Dr. Greg Wells, an assistant professor in the faculty of kinesiology and physical education at the University of Toronto.

For starters, the very act of breathing harder has an impact on better health. You breathe harder, says Dr. Wells, because your body needs oxygen to improve all aspects of your oxygen transport pathways, including your lungs, heart and muscles. “Exercise helps make almost every tissue in your body healthier and better,” he says. That means feeling and looking better inside and out – a veritable fountain-of-youth effect…


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