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Dr Hillel Harris at MD Lifestyle Center I am Dr. Hillel Harris, and I work together with my health coach, Malissa Owen. We began collaborating because we understood that true health can be achieved only through the adoption of healthy behaviors.

In fact, most people who have goals of becoming healthier or losing weight, know what they should do, but they just can’t seem to do it. Firstly, one must examine what is driving the unhealthy behavior. For some people, making the right food choices or scheduling time for exercise can be daunting. For others, chronic stress or poor sleep, and even social isolation, may be keeping them from living the healthier life they believe they can have.

I started this medical practice because disease prevention through living a healthy lifestyle is a far better prescription for health than are medications and procedures. After spending years taking care of critically ill patients in the hospital, I knew that disease prevention was the true key towards giving my patients the best chance of lasting health. I wanted to fill the gap in health care and be an MD who stands for health, not for treating disease.

Together with a health coach, we perform complete personalized evaluations, including laboratory testing, imaging, and begin treatment using behavioral modification in order to create healthy lasting habits.

Dr. Harris is one of only 5 physicians in South Florida who is board-certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine


12 Week Signature Health Program
For those who want to maximize their current health, or who want to lose weight, get fit, and manage stress.

6 Week Healthy Athlete Program
Focus on building healthy habits for improved athletic performance For professional, amateur, and athletes of all types.

12 Week Diabetes Health Program
Emphasis on using whole food, plant based nutritional approach to lower blood sugar, drop A1C, and decrease, or eliminate medications.

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