Lifestyle Medicine: A Brief Review of Its Dramatic Impact on Health and Survival

In this article, we describe the practice of lifestyle medicine and its powerful effect on these modern instigators of premature disability and death. We address the economic benefits of prevention-based lifestyle medicine and its effect on our health care system: A system on the verge of bankruptcy. We recommend vital changes to a disastrous course. Many deaths and many causes of pain, suffering, and disability could be circumvented if the medical community could effectively implement and share the power of healthy lifestyle choices. We believe that lifestyle medicine should become the primary approach to the management of chronic conditions and, more importantly, their prevention. For future generations, for our own health, and for the Hippocratic Oath we swore to uphold (“First do no harm”), the medical community must take action. It is our hope that the information presented will inspire our colleagues to pursue lifestyle medicine research and incorporate such practices into their daily care of patients. The time to make this change is now…



What Is Frozen Shoulder? – Dry Needling Therapy – Should We Stand Up, Sit Down or Keep Moving?

Dry Needling Therapy – Reduce Pain, Improve Healing and Restore Normal Tissue Function

A healthy solution for restoring injured soft tissue.

Unlike acupuncturists, who insert needles to alter the flow of energy along traditional Chinese meridians, our Denver dry needling therapists utilize a science-based treatment that promotes biomechanical and chemical changes within the muscle by utilizing the body’s own tissue healing and pain relief mechanisms…



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