I have noticed a trend in medicine… patients are more interested in what foods they should eat and are less inclined to take medications. This was not always the case. When I began my career in medicine, medication and invasive procedures were, and continue to be the mainstay of treatment for disease.

As an athlete growing up, nutrition and being active were integral to my daily life. When I graduated from medical school, I began my career in emergency medicine, taking care of critically ill patients and trauma patients. As I got older, I realized the importance of nutrition and being active. I knew deep down inside that these factors were keeping me healthy. I lacked the means to convey this information to my patients. How could it be that, as a medical doctor, I did not have the language to speak to my patients about how their lifestyle impacts their health? Medical schools do a great job teaching us about disease, and which type of medication or procedure are appropriate for each disease process. But what about preventing disease in the first place? Nutrition was not an important topic in medical school, although we learned about nutritional deficiencies. Exercise promotion was not emphasized. Managing stress was not covered.

We now know that the wrong diet accelerates heart disease and makes us more susceptible to cancers. Physical inactivity and sedentary behaviors promote inflammation. And chronic stress ages us by shortening our telomers, which are the protective endcaps of our DNA that promote longevity. Social isolation shortens lifespans, and abusing harmful substances is toxic to our bodies.

Combining this new field of Lifestyle Medicine with my knowledge from medical school is a natural fit for me. But more importantly, it is a better fit for my patients.

Lifestyle Medicine – MD Lifestyle Center

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We emphasize nutrition, physical activity, and stress management as the primary factors responsible for achieving true health, but the evidence shows that it’s the focus on behavior and habits that are the foundations for driving lasting change. Our team of experts will individualize your program for comprehensive health to get you on your path towards making lasting changes.

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