Regardless of Weight, Metabolic Health Tied to New Diabetes

Normal-weight but metabolically unhealthy women have twofold greater incidence of diabetes

There is a significant increased risk for diabetes mellitus (DM) in postmenopausal women who are metabolically unhealthy, according to a study published online Feb. 24 in Menopause…



Diabetes and Women

Women with diabetes have more to manage. Stay on track by checking your blood sugar often, eating healthy food, and being active so you can be your healthiest and feel your best.

How is diabetes different for women than it is for men? Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease (the most common diabetes complication) by about four times in women but only about two times in men, and women have worse outcomes after a heart attack. Women are also at higher risk of other diabetes-related complications such as blindness, kidney disease, and depression…



Diabetes and Menopause: A Twin Challenge

Diabetes and menopause may team up for varied effects on your body. Here’s what to expect — and how to stay in control.

Menopause — and the years before it — may provide some challenges for women who have diabetes. If you have diabetes and you’re going through menopause — or soon will be — learn what to expect. Then consider what to do about it…


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