12 Week Signature Health Program

For those who want to maximize their current health, or who want to lose weight, get fit, and manage stress.

The 12 Week Signature Health Program Includes:

  • Body composition for metabolic rate and body fat
  • Personalized laboratory profile based on age and risk factors for illness
  • Expanded vitamin and mineral testing
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Nutrition Program with meal planning
  • Exercise planning
  • Remote accessibility via online interactive programs, support and postings

South Florida’s first Lifestyle Medicine Center – where the focus is on promoting healthy lifestyle changes designed to keep you healthy and prevent disease.

Dr. Hillel Harris has created South Florida’s first medical center with a focus on lifestyle medicine, where he serves as the medical director and its core mission is on preventing illness and disease. He has shifted his professional focus towards keeping people healthy, where he focuses on disease prevention. Having spent the last 15 years treating critically ill patients in the emergency room, where disease has often gone unchecked and permanent damage to vital organs happened, he has seen firsthand what happens when illness and injury occurs. He relies upon the knowledge and experience which he used to treat all types of patients, and he is now focused on keeping people healthy and helping them achieve their health goals.


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